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John Milton Fogg, MLM Network Marketing Coach and Author

MLM The Game

MLM Training Game By Infinite Synergy

4 star rating based on 9 reviews

MLM The Game is one of the most unique mlm training approaches in my 20 years of this business that I have seen.

John Milton Fogg
Best Selling Author of
"The Greatest Networker
in the World"

Price Range: $39.95-$59
Deb Bixler, MLM Network Marketing Business Sales Coach

MLM The Game

MLM Training Game By Infinite Synergy

4 star rating based on 9 reviews

I am really impressed with MLM The Game. I belong to a direct sales networking group of home business leaders and I brought The Game to our meeting. The other ladies were equally impressed at how fun the game is while teaching you how to run a balanced business in the real world.

Deb Bixler, York PA
Sales And Marketing Resources

Price Range: $39.95-$59.95

Additional Player Testimonials & Reviews:

If you want to be a lawyer you study law, if you want to be a doctor you study medicine, if you want to build a huge network marketing business you play MLM The Game. This game teaches you the critical factors in building a business and is a brilliant tool for introducing people to MLM and training your downline. If you are building a MLM Business buy this game!

Clinton Swaine
Founder of
The Millionaire's Market

Great fun, and a super realistic educational tool for all network marketers!

Randy Dillon
Marina Del Rey

An excellent training tool for yourself and your downline - everything you need to learn to achieve network marketing success is taught through a fun little game.

Korey King

Network marketing leaders can use this game as a tool to help build relationships within their existing and emerging teams. If you?re serious about your business, you need this in your toolbox!

Ivan Cekov

Before playing this game I was not involved in an MLM company. After playing, I realized the reality of how the business actually works in a very entertaining way. I learned there is a process, and it takes a team to succeed. MLM The Game opened me up to the possibility of joining a network marketing company.

Brianna Carrera
Los Angeles, CA

MLM The Game is an exciting and fun way to learn how to be successful in your Network Marketing business! I first played MLM The Game when I was totally new to the multi-level marketing industry. It helped me understand the process of setting up my network marketing business for success, and taught me so much about why this industry is a brilliant way to do business! I love what this game has done for me!

Lynda Ereshan
Ventura, CA

With material from MLM The Game, I always find thought-triggers ... new insights into many situations in my business ... whether the situation be a "repeat" or a totally new occurrence. MLM The Game continually suggests there is always a way to look for opportunity in every situation.

Very realistic, practical, honest & humble insights ...
Thanks for your GR8 efforts and presentation.

Marc Ruggeri

mlm network marketing learning with mlm the game

Additional Player Testimonials:

MLM The Game is a totally absorbing, challenging and unique new board game. After spending several very enjoyable hours exploring this educational and exiting game, I can highly recommend MLM The Game, a fresh and inspirational way to learn more about network marketing.

Anders Hoffman

MLM The Game is a fantastic way to develop your awareness, and improve your business and personal skills. It will help turn you from a good sales person to a GREAT entrepreneur!

Stephen Garrett
Senior Trainer
WarriorSage Inc

GREAT game! Loaded, just loaded with great wisdom from a wide range of sources. Fun, controversial, challenging, motivational, thought-provoking and action inducing! I was touched, moved, and inspired to invigorate my real-world game.

Rob Kramar

mlm training 5 fundamentals

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Until the

MLM The Game will cost you $0 to try! Read on...

Sponsor More People Into Your Business & Sell More Products, Using a Simple Tool That Cultivates Leadership Development

It's easier than you think, and most of the work is already done for you.

Dear Fellow Networker,

We are a lot like you. We know exactly how it is to be building a mlm network marketing business.

We followed our company's system of success, we were on all the mlm training calls, we talked to people we knew and constantly met new people in any way we could. We were always reading the top recommended business books, we listened to the cd's and we watched the company dvd's.

We invested our lives into our companies product and opportunity because we had belief in ourselves and in what our product could do.

If you love your business and if you are a success oriented & motivated person, we know you can relate. You are likely doing many of those same things. Although it is 100% worth it, making it in this business starts out with a huge investment in time and continual small investments of money for training. Run the other way if someone tells you otherwise!

The epiphany we had a few years into building a successful business is that sponsoring somebody is about building trust, and transferring belief. First your prospects and downline must believe in themselves. Then they must trust, and believe in you and the opportunity.

The only way you can effectively build trust & belief is to become a leader.

Being a leader will enable you to influence prospects and build the success of your team.

So...HOW do you easily position yourself as the leader you need to be in order to transfer the trust and belief?

This is why MLM The Game was created.

When someone gets your DVD, information pack, or sees your web site, they usually don't get started that second. They will need to think about it, and they will want to talk to other people.

After many years in the business we found this missing link, and needed to develop a solution. This needed to be a platform that encouraged relationship building & leadership development coupled with real education on what network marketing really is. Most importantly, this learning platform needed to be fun! It needed to be something people would enjoy...and what better than a game?

If your downline had to use all the exact same tools, read all the same books, listen to all of the same cd's to get all the knowledge that you have, its fair to say that it will take them the same amount of time.

We created MLM The Game to speed up the process

...and to make it a lot more FUN!

I truly enjoyed playing this MLM training game!

Mary Haize
New York, USA

Over the past few years we have worked with industry veterans like John Milton Fogg who wrote The Greatest Networker in the World, and has over 20 years experience in the field. We have also worked with The Direct Selling Academy, The Networking Times, the founders and top leaders of the DSWA, premiere network marketing institute MLMU, relationship experts WarriorSage, and industry veterans like Jim Britt.

John Milton Fogg, MLM Network Marketing Coach and Author

Listen here to industry legend John Milton Fogg talk about MLM The Game...

We have collaborated with the best of the best to create a product that will ultimately help you become the authority, the leader of your pack, and to give you a tool that empowers others to become leaders.

MLM The Game is aimed at making you more money by involving your prospects in your business faster, and by helping you to get your team trained quicker.

Unfortunately MOST people drop out long before they have made the investment of time that you may have.

Most people will never experience how REMARKABLE this business really is.

When you have this tool, no more waiting around and hoping they will join you or chasing prospects who wont answer your phone calls, because no one says no to just hanging out and playing a game!

MLM The Game bridges the gap, and offers you the opportunity to just hang out with them, play a game, without the pressure of a large formal meeting. No matter your experience, it allows you to be the leader that shows them how to positively improve their life. The belief and trust will be built playing the game.

If you are brand new to the business, the game teaches the business for you, and by playing with prospects you will position yourself as a leader.

When we first launched this game we had game nights and were appalled that people were so afraid to speak publicly, so afraid to give their elevator speech, and so afraid to roll-play, and most people knew nothing about the network marketing industry.

If you or your prospects have any of these fears,
MLM The Game is the CURE.

MLM The Game will allow you to roll-play, practice your pitch, it teaches all players about the fundamentals to success, and gives everyone a virtual experience of building a real business.

MLM The Game is created around the 5 fundamentals of Network Marketing, and has 100's of questions inside the game with topics that fall in to these specific categories.

Personal Growth

Customer Acquisition


Team Building


Just like you, we had prospects that thought mlm was a complete scam. After playing this game they could truly consider joining the right company and they understood the difference between a pyramid scam and a legitimate network marketing opportunity.

Before playing this game I was not involved in an MLM company and did not understand it. After playing, I realized the reality of how the business actually works in a very entertaining way. I learned there is a process, and it takes a team to succeed. MLM The Game opened me up to the possibility of joining a network marketing company.

Brianna Carrera
Los Angeles, CA

If it was not for MLM The Game, Brianna would have never even considered joining an mlm business. How many of YOUR prospects are like her?

MLM The Game Will Do For You, What Nothing Else Can.

With MLM The Game, YOU instantly become the Leader! When you position yourself as the Leader in an environment where your prospects and downline will get to KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you it offers the highest possible chance for success.

That is a vital point and the point needs to be clear. Your prospects will need to Know you, Like you, and Trust you before joining your company. Your downline will need to Know you, Like you, and Trust you before they really allow you to help them launch their business.

MLM The Game, and its interactive business simulation of your business provides the perfect platform for you.

There is an abundance of credible research on why games are a good way to learn that could fill up hundreds of pages of information. We could tell you how it provides accelerated learning, and how MLM The Game offers the BEST relationship building, TRUST building, and BELIEF building atmosphere available for network marketers.

Unless you want a Masters degree in learning or a PHD in the science of game training, it may not be of your highest priority to dissect the reasons why. We have already done all of this for you. The information behind the science of game based training is available for you elsewhere on this website...but that's not the purpose of this page. That information will not make you money. Being successful in your business will.

This page is to describe how YOU can use MLM The Game to become the leader or use it to give your downline a platform to become leaders! This way, you can sponsor more people into your business, sell more products, and make more residual income!

Deb Bixler, MLM Network Marketing Business Sales Coach

Listen here to party plan and direct selling expert trainer Deb Bixler talk about how her and many other party plan and direct sellers are recommending and using the game...

The fact is, this game has been a successful new tool for many people.

This is a high-tech & high-touch profession. The internet makes it easier to find people to connect with & it also makes it easier for people to explore multiple income opportunities. MLM The Game creates a high-touch & people-centric environment that my team loves, giving us the opportunity to train them, so that they can become the change they seek. Game night is our first training of the month, everyone loves first Thursday!

Derrick Carpenter
New York, USA

Most people play MLM The Game with their new prospects both warm market and cold market to build their relationship further and to establish a psychological leadership role in their prospects minds.

Some people are buying 3-5 copies and starting a local home business game night on Yahoo Groups or on for their team and from there they invite all their prospects to come and have fun together.

This is a great monthly event for you to set up to get new prospects!

Others leave a stack of their business cards in the game, and then leave a copy at a local coffee shop so people can learn about network marketing instead of playing scrabble or monopoly.

Many other surprising and creative uses of the game keep coming up.

You are likely a few steps away from hitting it big in your company, and this tool could very well be the missing link. If you are financially succeeding in your company, you can leverage the leadership in your group with MLM The Game to help your downline step up as leaders too.

With this Limited Time Special price for MLM The Game, you will see that this is priced RIDICULOUSLY low for the FUN & value it provides.

You can spend more money on books, DVD's, and other training material... which all provide great information, but do not offer the same interactive leader building value as MLM The Game.

We have extracted the gems of wisdom from the greatest books in the business, as well as timeless principles from great thinkers and teachers, and the collective wisdom of our own and hundreds of other network marketing experiences.

If you're a long term veteran of the industry, you may know some of the content in the game. If so, that is great! Playing MLM The Game with your team will allow you to position yourself as a the kind of leader that others will want to trust and learn from.

It is not about what you know, and it is not always about what you can teach your prospects and your downline. MLM The Game takes it 1 step further, experiential learning let people learn from themselves which is the most powerful type.

We guarantee you that your new prospects will only intuitively know 10-30%, which is perfect for you to be positioned as the expert.

If you are brand new in the business you will find the game full of useful information, and your knowledge of the business will be dramatically increased. After playing 2-3 times, you will gain much more confidence and will be able to leverage this game to lead others into the business.

If you find yourself saying "I don't have time for games"

Realize that this game will LEVERAGE your time. It allows you to easily leverage the wisdom of so many who have come before you in this great profession so that your best team members can become better leaders.

This means your downline will not have to come to you for everything.

Today's economic climate is exciting for all networkers. More people than ever are flocking to home businesses. People want extra money and MLM The Game is a must have tool to best explain what network marketing is and how it can provide the relief they are seeking.

Here's the deal...

It is simple! Just pay for shipping, and give the game a try. As long as you have not sent the game back to us, we will charge you in 30 days.

This gives you almost a full month to put the game to the test!

We strongly believe in our product!

We guarantee that you will find value in MLM The Game! If you are not happy with it for any reason within 30 days of purchase, just send it back to us, and we will not bill you for the game!

Regular Retail Price for this MLM Training tool is $59

For a VERY limited time,
we are going to do EVEN better!

We will offer you the game at a $20 discount.
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MLM Network Marketing Game

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We pulled a few strings and will include a few additional bonuses for you. All bonuses will be given to you in the form of downloads directly after your purchase! You get to keep these bonuses just for trying out MLM The Game.

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Phone Support and Game Training
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MLM The Game Flash Cards Edition 1
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The Power of Letting Go by Jim Britt
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*After your 30 day trial, we will bill you $39.95*

* Promotion for USA & Canada Orders ONLY *

Authorized Merchant Seal for MLM Network Marketing Products
MLM Network Marketing Game