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Influence, the most important network marketing tool!

BY: Anna-Lena Gustavsson

Let’s have a conversation about the word INFLUENCE, and introduce you to the first step in having a positive long lasting influence on your team and prospects.

To begin, I’d like you to explore how the word INFLUENCE makes you feel? What types of emotions come up for you when you think or hear that word? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel bad? Does the word Influence empower you? Take a moment to let this word resonate with you.

I know in the past, when I thought about the word Influence my instinctual reaction was nothing short of negative. In looking through my past experiences, in an effort to unfold the reasons behind my negative feelings surrounding this word, I am called to various memories throughout my childhood. I distinctly remember one of my first experiences with this word was when my mom told me that I could no longer associate with certain kids, because they had a “bad influence” on me. This was my first experience with this word, but certainly not the last of this kind. I began to see clearly how and when I made the decision that Influence was a “bad” thing, and that Influence was something to avoid.

And because of this experience as a young girl, I can look back and see how throughout my life when confronted with the experience of someone or something influencing me, my brain would immediately send the signal to “Stay away,” or to “distrust what I am hearing as it is unsafe and bad.” More importantly, in my efforts to be a good person and do good to others, I also refused to accept my own influence on others, and resisted doing so even if what I had to say or share would be of benefit to that person or situation.

As you may already know, research has found that our brain registers emotions, and not words. Furthermore, a major function of our brain is simply to protect and preserve. When negative emotions are registered, through experiences such as mine, our protection device kicks in overdrive, and reserves these emotions for future reference and protection.

Our mind has such control over how we think, feel and act, and rarely provides the opportunity for choices to be made free and clear of our past experiences, and past decisions. So it’s easy to see how the decision, in my case as a young child, has clouded my view of Influence, mine and others, throughout my life. And has thus, shaped many of the decisions I’ve made in the past, and has greatly affected the results I’ve gotten.

So I ask you, what stories or emotions are you carrying around regarding the word Influence? I encourage you to begin to get clear with yourself in an effort to become smarter and more aware how our mind plays with us, even with simple words and phrases.

I myself am noticing a big fight between "my past beliefs" and "my more mature knowledge” regarding this issue.

But, how I see it now is that “Influence” is just a word with 9 simple letters, and a word created with NO meaning, but the meaning I or YOU attach to it. It is unfortunate but true, that due to our past experiences mere words, if we let them, do have the power to stir up emotions inside of us, and ultimately the power to affect our choices in life and in business.

Let us look at what the word Influence really means. Webster’s Dictionary defines Influence as “the power to direct the thinking or behavior of others, usually indirectly.” The Latin origin of the word is “influere” which means “to flow in.”

What are you letting flow in? And;

How are you flowing in to others?

How are YOU using your influence when you meet people? More importantly, how are you using it when you meet a new representative or customer?

If powerfully influencing your team and customers is of any interest to you, than it is vital and necessary to realize that YOUR personal image is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember about you.

Your personal image is communicated to others directly through the way in which you carry yourself, and in the way in which you present your products and/or services to them.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, he stated:

"First impressions are indeed lasting impressions."

Let that quote sink in, and take it to heart. In doing so, it will become easy to notice how much your influence has to do with your personal image and other peoples impressions and opinions of you.

Do you carry yourself in a manner that demands people’s attention? Does your demeanor inspire others to listen to you?

Do not forget that your image and how you are perceived in this world, is almost NEVER just what’s “in your head.” Your image is almost ALWAYS someone’s true reality, perception and impression of you.

In closing, it has been proven that being a highly influential person does greatly increase your success in MLM. If success in MLM is what you are committed to, than, I ask you to think about how you want to be seen. Think about the impression you most want to leave on others. My suggestion would be to ask the people closest to you, who know you best, what their impression of you is. Also, ask them what suggestions they might have that would improve your image. And, whether you are a man or a woman, I also encourage you to ask those not in your gender, race or economic status. Don’t be afraid to also ask those who maybe aren’t in your “comfort zone” either. The more open to suggestions and honest criticism you are, and the more you practice various techniques and suggestions, the better and more effective your image and impression will become.

Have a spectacular life, and remember that YOU ARE IN CHARGE!


Anna-Lena Gustavsson
Co-Founder of MLM The Game

Ventura Yoga Studio - Health and Wealth

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