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Why Do Your Prospects Join You?

By: Anders Gustavsson

There are many places to find new prospects for your business. You can get them from genealogy lists, you can get them from lead sources, and you can meet people in real life. Truth be told, there are endless ways to find new prospects.

Is there one best way? We can agree that some ways may be better than others, but only depending upon 1 great way to gather leads will not last forever.

The ideal prospect is open to opportunity, eager to start a new business, and has money to invest in themselves and their business.

These people will be found in multiple different places. What is more important, than where to find the prospect, is to first look inward and ask yourself “Why” they would join you, and how will you attract them.

Usually it is not all about your product, your compensation plan, or the miracles the system provides.

They key factor is that they must TRUST you. They must believe in you, through you they will then gain belief in your opportunity, belief in the product, and most importantly they will develop belief in their capability to do what it is you will tell them is possible.

How will your prospect gain trust in you?

Here are three ways:

1. Abraham Maslow taught us that after we have satisfied our own needs, it is our mission to exert ourselves toward higher aspirations, in other words to become the best we can be. Through being the best we can be, we will intrinsically inspire those around us. One way trust grows, is through inspiration.

2. The more accessible you are, the more you show your real human side, the more you will be liked. Another way trust grows is through respect and being a likeable person.

3. Robert W. Reasoner, a California school superintendent, identified 5 basic attitudes that create self-esteem. They are: a sense of security, a sense of identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and a sense of personal importance. Unfortunately the latter, a sense of personal importance is not very common in the mind of the majority, and it is one easy way to gain trust with your prospect. Understand, encourage, praise, and create a positive environment for recognition. Helping people like themselves is a surefire way to gain trust.

The common ground for all of the above is relationship building. Through building the relationship with the prospect they will learn to trust you. You will also get to know them, get to know their reasons for wanting your opportunity, and get to know them as a person. The important factor to note is that relationship building takes time. Some prospects will get started sooner than others, while some may not get started at all.

In addition to talking on the phone, meeting in person, or attending business meetings we business meetings, I encourage you to mix up the relationship building process. Do creative & fun things with your prospects and your downline. Introduce prospects to other prospects, after all this is network marketing. By networking your network you open doors to the possibilities of your new prospects to network their network, and by doing this you will surely find new top leaders for your business.

As with everything in network marketing, your actions will duplicate to your downline. Building a culture of trust is the most powerful platform to perform business. It all comes back to trust. If you are ethical, truthful, and real, they will join you.

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