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Going Beyond a Pat on the Back

BY: Ernie Hinz

Recognizing distributors for a job well done is not superfluousor magnanimous. It's necessary. It confirms accomplishment and reinforces commitment. Recognition and celebrations are a way of reaffirming to sales leaders and their down-line that they are an important part of something that matters.

Most organizations realize that awards work to advance the companies' goals whether increased personal sales or down-line development. Tangible awards boost motivation, and they do it inexpensively. These programs serve as an important way to reinforce positive behaviors and attitudes.

There is a practical way to enhance the bottom line of your organization. It's based on the principle of Return On Investment - ROI. To maximize profits, you need to optimize performance. You can optimize distributor's performance by engaging in a continuing, organized program of: Promotion, Motivation, Communication and Recognition.

Companies' are re-developing their current programs (if there is one in place) citing the need to better meet their companies goals and objectives.

Although distributors in general are clearly motivated by making money, today they expect even more. They want to feel valued, respected and appreciated in the organization. Motivating and recognizing our distributors may be the single most critical way to boost growth.

Encourage top achievers to achieve even more while providing reachable levels for the average performers. Your distributors observe one another's behavior. The most successful companies develop excellent payout programs, training and development, ensuring a work culture that encourages coaching, feedback and recognition, with an inspiring, confident management team.

"People are your most valuable asset. Only people can be made to appreciate in value"

Ernie has helped develop recognition programs for organizations throughout the world. He has authored articles for numerous publications. His twenty years of experience with hundreds of companies brings along the prospective of not only directing selling organizations but a large cross-section of industries challenges and solutions. He has recently published a "Pocket-Book" titled: Duilding a Dynamic Downline. Ernie Hinz has also performed as a key note speaker on the subject of : Developing a Culture of Recognition within you organization.

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