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What is Network Marketing? - Is it a Scam or Opportunity?

Nicholas Myers
(User Submitted Article, Not Endorsed by MLM The Game)

What is Network Marketing?

Do you know how network marketing works? I have been network marketing for almost 5 years. I have been told by my upline that network marketing is all about recruiting downlines into my business. I spent thousands of dollars and stock up a lot of products as I want to be promoted to the position of supervisor. I always thought that by doing this, it would be a fast track to success. What is network marketing?

Are you familiar with these real life stories? Or are you one of the victims that are bought into the ideas? I have tasted countless of rejections every single day and have done countless of cold calls and surveys and everyone seems to avoid me. So what is network marketing all about?

In every network marketing company, there are 2 fundamental elements that every company must have. They are products and a marketing system. Have you ever heard of people telling you that to succeed in network marketing, you need to find a company with outstanding products or with the best compensation plan? Let me briefly explain to you what is network marketing.

Network marketing is a business unit that comprises of a team of motivated individuals that have a common goal in their mind. What is it? It is about helping other people to get what they want.

Network Marketing Today on the Internet

What is network marketing? Network marketing today is different from what it was 5 years ago. It has transformed into an internet business opportunity. It is no longer a struggle for network marketers to recruit people into their business. On the internet, we can make money online even if prospects do not want to join our network marketing business. Do you get the idea?

This business revolution is a whole new opportunity for people who want to work in a home based business by making a living online earning monthly residual income. They can make extra income by monetizing their list selling other digital products or network marketing plr (private label rights) products that help in their prospects network marketing business.

What is Network Marketing?- Is it a Scam?

Network marketing is definitely not a scam. A scam is a business opportunity that has no products to sell and there is only monetary investment involved in the transaction. It gives false promises to prospects about the ROI, return of investment that they will be getting in 6 months or 1 year. Recently, there is news all over about this scams that cheated people money and gave them false promises that don't even exist at all.

Trust me. There is no such thing as a "get rich quick scheme". There is no secret to succeed in network marketing on the internet. I am going share with you how are you going to go about doing it even if you are a newbie. What is network marketing and the internet going to help you on your network marketing business?

Making full use of Network Marketing PLR products

First, before you even want to sell something or selling your business opportunity on the internet, you need to brand yourself as an expert. Branding takes time and massive advertising is what it takes to get you notice on the internet. How are you going to go about doing it? Building a list of prospects is your first step.

You can create your squeeze page, lead capture page or outsource to professionals to do it for you if you have the advertising budget. Next is to find a free report to give away. There are network marketing plr products on Google that you can purchase at a low price. Purchasing a plr e-book to brand it as your own is a good idea to give away as a free report to entice prospects to give away their name and email address.

Your goal is to collect a list of prospects, build a huge list, follow up with them, build relationships and market to them your products and your business opportunity. Instead of writing your own e-book, you can quickly brand yourself as an expert by purchasing network marketing plr products at an affordable price to brand it as your own.

Driving Traffic using Network Marketing PLR products

Next, you need to have traffic. What I mean is that, you need to drive traffic, visitors to your lead capture page, squeeze page that you have created. No traffic means no prospects. Literally your internet network marketing business will die off and passed away. How can you drive traffic to your squeeze page? Again, you can use network marketing plr products like private label rights articles, rewrite it and send to article directories. Or you can purchase network marketing plr videos to rebrand it using AVI source files and submit to video sharing sites.

I simply love network marketing plr products as it saves me a lot of time and effort instead of me doing it all by myself. The beauty of network marketing plr products is you can change the contents and rebrand it as your own which makes you an expert in network marketing immediately.


I guess I have explained too much about network marketing plr products rather on what is network marketing. For more information and resources, tools to help you grow your network marketing business, simply go to my resource box and click the link below. I am looking forward to see you succeed in your network marketing business. Good Luck!

There's no reason you should sit there and be embarrassed about not having any downlines any longer.

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